So it's been a really long time since my last post. Sorry about that. I drove from New York to Texas and I'm trying to get situated. I am working on a physical shop for people to see my pretty things! Etsy is not something I can keep up with at the moment, but feel free to message me. I will have a booth tomorrow at Art Walk in Corpus Christi if anyone will be in the area...
I just listed a butt load (that's a technical term) of new things in my shop today! They range from simple to over the top so whatever your taste is, I'm sure you will find something you love!

Bracing myself for Hurricane Sandy, but so far it has been quite uneventful. I have been working on several new things for November, and right now my inspiration is Macabre Shabby Chic. Below is an example of what I mean. I will be submitting this piece to Belle Armoire Jewelry Magazine, fingers crossed!!!
So how about something cool for visiting? Until October 31st get 15% off your entire purchase in my shop! YAY! Oh, and I accept credit card payments directly through Etsy in case you aren't a fan of Paypal ;) This offer is exclusive to my Blog readers!

To get this sweet deal, just enter coupon code: RATBLOGGER12 (just like that) during checkout! I won't be doing refunds if you forget this step (Etsy fees are expensive). Get yourself something spooky for Halloween!

I have not been keeping up with my blog like a good girl should. There have been several distractions including some hardcore problems at home. One of the main distractions is the fact that I have been trying out polymer clay....ALOT. I really love it! Although, if I get around to selling any of it, it won't be a part of Rat Bites. There's a certain feel to Rat Bites that I don't think clay can fit into.
So, I will try and be better about all of this blogging in such! For those of you that are reading this, thanks! I've got alot on my plate right now and am doing the best I can to keep creating some awesome thingies.

I finished Dagon and I have to say I am very happy with how it turned out! Hopefully it will make someone very happy to own this little treasure!

I keep hearing "More Lovecraft, please!" and I'm totally on board with that. But I've made alot of Lovecraftian pieces so I had to sit down and think about what I HAVEN'T done. Then it hit me, "Dagon!"

Just listed this piece today! I have been dying to work with the very rare Saphiret and finally got my chance! Alot of money and tears to get here, but I am very happy with it!

Hello all! In this blog I will be letting you know what's new with my shop, posting about random things I love or hate, and eventually creating video tutorials for jewelry! YAY!

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